Development Finance

In the ever changing world of Secured Finance, the Bridging and Development market has been enjoying brisk trading in recent times. This has been assisted in part by the High Street Banks’ extremely restrictive lending policy since the onset of the global financial crisis. The Lending Channel has a wide panel of Specialist Finance Lenders and can arrange bridging loans for many reasons – typically:

  • Open and closed bridges when there is a gap that needs bridged for property acquisition.
  • Auction purchases – particularly when properties are bought under market value.
  • Development finance – short term funding to allow land or property to be developed. This funding is then redeemed by either the sale or refinance of the developed asset.
  • Cash flow
  • Tax bills

Smart Financial also have access to privately funded short term finance, aimed at assisting developers complete projects where High Street Banks have failed to help. While this facility is not unique to us, there is limited distribution for these products.

We trade throughout the UK but being based in Cheshire we do consider ourselves particular experts when it comes to the Scottish bridging loans market.

Specialist Finance is not usually FCA regulated, therefore our funders can afford to adopt a more flexible approach when it comes to assessing deals. Our private funders will typically be investors looking for a quick return on their capital investment.

The quickest way to have your short term finance enquiry assessed is to telephone one of our advisers.

Commercial Mortgages up to 75% LTV are also available with funding coming from both High Street and Non-High Street Lenders.

Development rates starting at 0.54% per month.

PP         LTGDV        Min Loan Loan        LTC        Arrangement Fee        Annual Interest Rate        Exit Fee

70%          60%              3 Million              80%                  1%                               6.5%                     1.5%

70%          65%              2 Million              80%             1.25%                                  8%                     2.0%

70%          70%              1 Million              80%               1.5%                                10%                   1.25%

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